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Storing Jewelry

by Christos Alexandrou |  | 19 comments

To keep jewelry protected and looking its best, your collection should be stored carefully, rather than thrown together into a single drawer or box. Investing in a compartmentalized jewelry box or sets of pouches and bags may not be as costly as you think. Small cloth bags with drawstring tops can work particularly well and can also double as storage for your jewelry when you travel.
Keep your jewelry in a place that is free of dust, as well as protected from changes in temperature and light.

Dust is abrasive to jewelry, while extremes of temperature and light may cause deterioration to jewelry that is left exposed to them for long periods of time. Silver jewelry should be stored in acid-free tissue paper inside plastic zip lock bags, remove any excess air then and seal. This will slow down the oxidization process and minimize the amount of polishing you will have to do.

The above suggestion is not all-inclusive and is meant to provide recommendations for cleaning, maintaining and storing jewelry.  It is not meant to be an ultimate authority on jewelry maintenance.  If you have any tips, hints or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through our website.  Lastly, when it comes to looking after your jewelry, use common sense!

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