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About Yianni Creations...

Yianni Creations was first conceived by Yianni from observing the family business and observing jewelry of various quality. He noticed that the traits he loved and admired in jewelry (great craftsmanship, bright real stones, pure metal) were applied only for very expensive jewelry, and the more affordable ones lacked one, if not all these traits… 

Being born in Canada, he viewed his Greek heritage with both a nostalgia as well as a new interest. He researched the arts, crafts and jewels that were created in Greece from time immemorial and the simple geometric lines of the classic era drew his attention. He imagined how those simple lines would be a perfect canvas where a real, bright semiprecious stone could be featured.

The journey had already begun!

It wasn’t until a few years later he found a workshop that shared the same viewpoints as him and had the ability to turn those designs from a dream to reality. The knowledge that was handed down from previous generations made this craftsman’s work exquisite. Now Yianni finally had his first creation!

Those first designs were humbly introduced at trade shows in the US and the audience loved them. “When you see a piece, you are drawn to it but, it’s not until you hold a piece in your hand and see how it reflects the light that you fall in love with it.”

Every one of these jewels is handmade, slowly, with extreme love and care. The craftsman takes great joy and pride in his work and always tries to find ways to make sure the quality of his work is incomparable.

Some designs create rings that are adjustable in size which gives freedom to wear them in different fingers or styles that can be mixed and matched according to your personal style. Every stone has been handpicked and collected to perfectly match the various designs in size and with a clarity that will make it shine brightly as light hits it. The colors of the stones used are inspired by what one sees when traveling through Greece. The blue of the endless sea; the green of the refreshing forests; the orange of the citrus trees; the purple valleys of flowers; the light blue of the sky…

When you wear a YC piece, you wear Yianni’s memory of Greece.